Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Red necrosis lesions resulting in rusty appearance, internal browning of rind.
Affect: Fibre content is reduced.


Product: S MAG 4-5gm/lit of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: S Mag 25kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in photosynthesis, starch translocation

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Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: The leaves become chlorotic and yellow in colour.
Affect: The leaves are narrow and short,reduces the sucrose content .


Product: S Mag 4-5gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Signocal-Mg Premium 50kg/acre or S Mag 25kg/acre
Benefit: Improves special character in crop

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Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: White to pale yellow bands in the lower half of the leaf which advance to pale brown or grey necrosis.
Affect: Pale green plants.


Product: chilachel 1gm/1Lt of water or SN++ (1+1) ml/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Signocol mg Premium 50kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in activation of enzymes

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Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Plants show chlorotic leaves with interveinal stripes. When the deficiency becomes severe the veins also become chlorotic and the plant growth is stunted.
Affect: Symptoms start on younger leaves.


Product: Maxpro 1gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water or Sigzone 3-5ml/1Lt. of water.
Soil/Drip: Signocal-Mg Premium 50kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis

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Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf blades turn light green to yellow & margins of older leaves become necrotic.
Affect: Short and slender stalk.


Product: SN++ (2+2ml)/1Lt. of water or N: P: K-19:19:19 5gm/1Lt. of water or Jeans 5-8gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Jeans 5kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

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Fungal Diseases in Sugarcane

Symptoms: The spindle leaves (3rd & 14th)) display drying. At a later stage, stalks become discoloured and hollow.


Product: Avataar 1gm/1Lt. of water or Merget 2.5gm/1Lt. of water or Anti Virus (250ml+150gm)/acre
Benefit: Quick Action on plant to recover Fungal

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Pest in Sugarcane


  • Plants become unhealthy stunted and yellow.
  • The leaves wither from top downwards.
  • ¬†Panicle formation is inhibited and the plants die if attack is severe.
  • Honeydew secreted by the bug causes growth of sooty mould on. leaves.
  • The midribs of the leaves turn red due to egg-laying and may. dry up subsequently.

Affect: Pest damage the outer cells of the leaf and fruit as they feed on the plant sap.


Product: Black dog plus 1ml/1Lt of water or Randox-XL (250ml+100ml)/500Lts of water or Terror plus 1ml/1Lt of water
Benefit: Quick Results to control the Pest.

For Growth

Some visual symptoms that can tell the maturity of the sugar cane are the yellowing or drying up of leaves,
Affect: Effects on leaf Colour and stem size and juice quantity.


Product: Elisier 2ml/1Lt. of water or Nova plus 1ml/1Lt of water
Soil/Drip: Power plus gold 2kg/Acre + Jeans 10kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

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