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Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Necrotic areas in interveinal region near leaf margin.
Affect: Prominent bright yellow zone in advanced necrotic areas.


Product: S MAG 4-5gm/lit of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: S Mag 25kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in photosynthesis, starch translocation

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Boron deficiency

Symptoms: Plant growth is retarded and leaves turns to yellow or red colour.
Affect: It is associated with sterility and malformation of reproductive organs.Seeds also fail to mature with out boron.


Product: S bore 1gm/1Lt. Of water
Soil/Drip: –
Benefit: Translocation of sugars and help in pollination

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Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: Interveinal chlorosis of the foliage and reduction in size of the leaves.
Affect: Effected leaves shows symptoms such as mottling and krinkling with wavy margins and are often malformed.


Product: chilachel 1-2gm/1Lt of water or SN++ (2+2ml)/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Signocol mg Citrus Spl 50kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in activation of enzymes

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Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Leaf becomes white in colour.
Affect: Interveinal chlorosis.


Product: Maxpro 1gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water or Sigzone 3-5ml/1Lt. of water.
Soil/Drip: Signocal-Mg Premium 50kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis

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Copper deficiency

Symptoms: Pale greyish green interveinal chlorosis spreads from tip of leaf base.
Affect: Newly emerging leaves short,narrow and light green,plants shorter.


Product: Maxpro 1gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water or SN++ (2+2ml)/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: –
Benefit: Serves to intensify flavour and colour in vegetables and colour in flowers

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Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Leaves appear pale or yellow in colour.
Affect: Younger leaves becomes small.


Product: SN++ (2+2ml)/1Lt. of water or N: P: K-19:19:19 5gm/1Lt. of water or Jeans 5-8gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Jeans 5kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

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Pest in Cocoa

Cocoa tree leaves are damaged by pest feeding habits.
The beans is obviously damaged, with areas of thick rind that grows dark brown or black

Affect: Pest damage the outer cells of the leaf and Beans as they feed on the plant sap.


Product: Robot (120ml+100gm)/acre or Randox XL (250+100ml)/acre
Benefit: Quick Results to control the all type of pest

cocoa 09

For Flowering

Symptoms: cocoa bloom profusely and therefore also shows high abscission of buds, flowers, fruitlets and fruits.
Affect: Effects on leaf Colour and Fruit colour and size.


Product: Aton-555 0.25gm/1Lt. of water + SN++ (2+2ml)/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Jeans 10kg/Acre
Benefit: Aton 555 is powerful hormone balancer.
It is a broad spectrum PGR with protective and curative action. It causes enhancement of greenness of plant and flowering.
SN++ have a multi nutrient helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

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