Cauliflower 01

Magnesium deficiency

Symptoms: Symptoms of magnesium deficiency start on older leaves. Chlorosis between the veins progresses from the margins to the middle of the leaflets. The veins remain green and white respectively.
Affect: Severe deficiency leads to necrotic spots between the veins. Old leaves are stiff and prematurely fall down.


Product: SMag 4-5gm/1Lt. of water or Agri Max25gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: S Mag 10kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in photosynthesis, starch translocation

Cauliflower 02

Sulphur deficiency

Symptoms: Chlorosis starts in young leaves and proceeds to the older leaves with ongoing deficiency. Leaves turn uniformly light green or yellow.
Affect: They are stiff. Often only thin petioles are formed Later on affected leaves weather and curl inwards.


Product: SMag 4-5gm/1Lt. of water or MaxGold 1gm/1Lt. of water,
Soil/Drip: Signocal-Mg Premium10kg/acre or S Mag 25kg/acre
Benefit: Improves special character in crop

Cauliflower 03

Boron deficiency

Symptoms: Symptoms start on the younger leaves. They remain small, are stiff and light green. Margins turn reddish or brown. Older leaves are curled down and may show reddish discoloration or chlorosis. Development of curds is retarded and only light curds are built.
Affect: They are more or less brown. Several leaves and bracts penetrate curd surface. Taste is bitter. Boron deficiency on cauliflower results in high yield losses.


Product: S Bore 2gm/1Lt. of water
Benefit: Translocation of sugars and help in pollination

Cauliflower 04

Zinc deficiency

Symptoms: Young leaves become small.
Affect: Curd colour will be affected.


Product: Chilachel 1-2gm/1Lt of water or Chilazinc 2-3gm/1Lt of water or Max Gold 1gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Signocal Mg Premium 10kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in activation of enzymes

Cauliflower 05

Iron deficiency

Symptoms: Chloroses of the younger leaves are typical symptoms of Fe deficiency. In the initial phase of symptom development the leaf laminas become chlorotic, while the leaf veins remain green.
Affect: Ongoing lack of Fe causes growth depression of roots and overhead plant parts without any leaf deformation.


Product: Maxpro 1gm/1Lt. of water or Maxgold 1gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water or Sigzone 3-5ml/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: Signocal-Mg Premium 10kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in electron transport chain and helps in photosynthesis.

Cauliflower 06

Copper deficiency

Symptoms: Copper deficiency occurs very seldom. Affected plants show chlorosis on expanding and mature leaves.
Affect: Heart necrosis might also be caused by Cu undersupply.


Product: MaxPro 1gm/1Lt. of water or Agrimax 2gm/1Lt. of water
Soil/Drip: –
Benefit: Serves to intensify flavour and colour in vegetables and colour in flowers

Cauliflower 07

Nitrogen deficiency

Symptoms: Yellowing of older leaves.
Affect: Red discoloration beginning at the margin of older leaves.


Product: SN++ 2+2ml/1Lt of water or Jeans 1kg/acre
Soil/Drip: Power plus Gold 2kg/acre or Jeans 5kg/acre
Benefit: Helps in vegetative growth, formation of amino acids

Cauliflower 08

Cotton sucking pest (CSP)

Symptoms: Sudden curling and crinkling of leaves followed by blister patches are initial
Symptoms of severely attacked plants. And tiny black specks on leaves and buds, leaf stippling
Affect: Affects the plant growth.


Product: Randox-XL (250ml+100m)l/acre or Robot (120ml+100gm)/acre
Benefit: Quick Action on plant to recover from csp

Cauliflower 09

Fungal Disease (Root Rot)

Symptoms: The first symptoms are slight yellowing or bronzing of the leaves. The upper-most leaves wilt within 24 to 48 hours after bronzing, followed by wilting of the lower leaves within 72 hours.
Affect: Affects the plant growth.


Product: AviStar 2.5ml/1Lt of water or Avataar 1.5gm/1Lt. of water
Benefit: AviStar is a systemic fungicide.
It is a broad spectrum fungicide with protective and curative action. It causes enhancement of greenness of plant.
Randox XL Helps to Recover in Multiple Diseases (All in one).

Cauliflower 10

For Growth

Symptoms: The growth of the cotton plant is very predictable under favourable moisture and temperature conditions.


Product: B.T Samurai 3ml/1Lt. of water or Jadoo 1gm/1Lt of water
Soil/Drip: Jeans 5kg/Acre
Benefit: Helps in activation of enzymes and growth

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