Product Description & Origin: Elixir is produced from natural fresh water lake sapropel with natural moisture which contains a full spectrum of natural biologically active ingredients. The product is balanced with limited amount of NPK and nutrients. Elixir is a highlyefficient natural-organic fertilizer applied for all types of soils and all applied for all types of soils and all kinds of fruit and vegetable, sowing and decorative crops, trees and hushes.



For soil treatment dilute concentrated Elixir in the ratio of 1:300/400 with fresh irrigating water, apply the irrigation solution directly in to the soil once every 10-15 days. For seeds treatment dilute 10-20ml. of the concentrated Elixir in 1 litre of fresh irrigating water. Soak seeds in the diluted solution for 10-12 hours. Plant seeds as recommended. Continue to apply irrigation solution every 15-21 days.

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